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Tungsten Carbide Rods


Tungsten Carbide Rod

Tungsten carbide rods are mostly applied for drill bits, end mills, and reamers with sub-micron grain grade YG10X, for non-ferrous precision cutting and wood cutting with grade YG6X, and for fiberglass reinforced plastics, titanium alloys, hardened steel with ultra-fine grain grade YG8X, etc.

tungsten carbide rodstungsten carbide rods

The tungsten carbide rods CHINATUNGSTEN ONLINE can manufacture and supply are varied in different sizes as well as tungsten carbide grades.Following is a detailed description of one kind specification of tungsten cabride rod:

  • Specificaiton: Diameter:1.5 mm x 330mm
  • Surface Condition: Sintered blank
  • Chemical Composition: WC :88.5% + Co: 10% + Others: 1.5%
  • Density: 14.2~14.6 g/cm3
  • Hardness: HRA91.5 min.
  • T.R.S.: 3200N/mm2 min.

Specifications of Unground carbide rods:

Unground carbide rods-length<100mm
Unground Carbide Rods-length 100~150mm
Unground carbide rods-length 310mm
Unground carbide rods-length 330mm
Unground Carbide Rods- Lengttungsten-carbide-rodsh 13” (Inch)

Specifications of Ground carbide rods:

Ground Carbide Rods ISO h6- length<100mm
Ground Carbide Rods ISO h6- Length 100~150mm
Ground Carbide Rods ISO h6 (Inch)
Milling Cutting Blanks ISO h6, Chamfered one end

There are many different choices in diameters, lengths and chemical compositions, which could all be manufactured according to clients' special requirements. Therefore, if you have any interest in our products, please feel free to contact us by email: or by telephone:86 592 5129696.

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